Growing up is hard to do, particularly when like nine-year-old Josh Cathcart you don’t ‘look’ exactly like everyone else in your class.


However, little Josh has proved just how strong he is by getting his own back on his bullies in the most incredible way.


The nine-year-old was born with just one arm and after being “tormented” by his some of his classmates, he has become the youngest boy to be fitted with a child-sized bionic hand.


According to the Mirror, Josh’s parents Clare and James decided to help their son when he became withdrawn, and that’s when they stumbled upon Touch Bionics in West Lothian.


“Josh had been getting picked on and became quite withdrawn and upset, so we started looking for something a bit more advanced, something that moved. So, we had chats with him and then went on the internet and came across this company,” Clare explained.



Clearly delighted about his new arm, Josh excitedly says: “I made myself a bagel. I can open bottles and packets with it, I can stack up blocks, I can build Lego with it and I can pull my trousers up.”


Alison Goodwin from Touch Bionics explains that the arm works from electrodes positioned on the surface of the skin and when the muscles are tensed “the electrodes open and close the hand”.


What wonderful news!