Police continued to search the banks of a canal today in search of 14-year-old Alice Gross, who went missing 11 days ago. Alice was last seen on August 28 on CCTV walking in the Brentford Lock area, near her home in West London.
Yesterday a 51-year-old man was arrested under suspicion of murder, the second arrest in the case so far. A 25-year old man was also taken into custody on Saturday.
Officials have said that the two arrests are “independent” from one another. The Metropolitan Police force said on Twitter, “Despite two arrests following Alice Gross' disappearance, all lines of enquiry are still open and this remains a missing person investigation.”
Alice’s social media accounts are also reportedly being looked into. The teen was a frequent user of the site Ask.fm, which allows people to submit anonymous questions to other users.
Many of the questions posed to Alice were extremely personal – including issues such as relationships, sex, her appearance and her weight. The site has previously come under fire for its lack of regulation.
The teen is believed to have been battling anorexia and recent photos show her looking gaunt and pale. When asked online what she would change about herself, Alice answered, “Everything.”
Police have removed Alice’s laptop from her home with the intention of analysing her recent use of social media and other sites.