Students believe Irish should be an optional Leaving Cert subject

There are mere weeks to go until the Leaving Cert results are released and there’s no doubt students are feeling pretty nervous about results day.

There is so much pressure placed on 6th year students during exam time. Expecting students to juggle two languages, memorise Shakespearean quotes and complete history projects is an awful lot to ask.

Both students and parents have expressed their disapproval of the examinations, with many claiming the Leaving Cert is incredibly dated.

Teenagers have now recommended that Irish should no longer be a compulsory subject at senior level.

A review, which was conducted by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, spoke to parents, pupils and teachers about the exam subjects.

The majority agreed that English and Maths should remain on the curriculum, but many had their doubts about Irish.

Students believe that it should be an optional subject.

Parents also stressed that it would be fairer if pupils focused on five subjects as opposed to seven.

What do you think? Is Irish a pointless subject or should it remain compulsory?