School can be tough, especially during an exam year. All that studying your child has to do, coupled with everything else, can leave them feeling pretty stressed out.


However, while you can’t actually do it for them, you can show them a few tricks that will make the time they study more effective and beneficial.


The following tips will help them retain information that bit better and even feel a little less stressed.


Speak out loud

Many students find they study in silence, quietly reading notes over and over again in an effort to memorise them. However, by saying things out loud they will retain a lot more information. Obviously being able to do this depends on where they study and if they are on their own.


Teach others what they have learned 

One of the best ways to really know if they have actually taken information in is to try to teach or explain it to someone else. So once a week, sit down with your son or daughter and have them teach you what they learned that week.


Draw pictures

We don’t mean doodling all over their books, but rather drawing diagrams and charts that will help them visualise the information, rather than simply trying to remember it.  


Avoid using the computer

Unless they absolutely need to look up something, have them study away from the computer to minimise temptation. Not only is it distracting but constantly reading information off the screen can leave them feeling tired and unable to concentrate. If they need stuff have them print it off.


Go for a walk before they start

Encourage them to go for a walk before they settle into an evening of work and study. This way they will be feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the task ahead. Another walk when they are done will help them relax before bed.


Create mnemonics

Mnemonics are memory triggers that help people remember information. They include using the first letter of each word to create a rhyme or sentence or creating a song based on the information.


Make notes visually appealing

Make notes more visually appealing by having them include drawings, mnemonics, charts and lots of colour. This way they are likely to retain so much more of the information when they are looking over the notes again.