School officials in Texas have reacted angrily to a teacher’s decision to pack 11 of her students into her car so she could drive them to a store and reward them with treats.

The teacher was eager to treat her students following the hard work they carried out on their yearbook, but failed to see how dangerous her actions were.

The teacher in question even allowed two of her students to sit in the boot on the journey and in an attempt to justify her questionable actions, said: “This was a terrible mistake, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I just wanted to do something nice.”

The issue didn’t just focus on her dangerous traffic violation, however, but also on the fact that she had taken the children off school premises without express permission; something which the Catoosa school board took a very dim view of.

Despite having approximately fifty supporters on the night of her hearing and admitting her mistakes, the board decided that her actions were too dangerous to excuse and she was fired from her position.