The environment in which a child is taught plays a huge role in how they learn, according to scientists at Bournemouth University, with temperature, CO2 volumes and noise having an impact on performance.


And now, following a ten-year study, research from the university has found that children you attend lessons without wearing shoes fair better than those you wear shoes in class.


The results found that kids who leave their shoes outside of the classroom are more engaged, likely to arrive in school earlier and leave later and read more, according to the Telegraph.


Looking at tens of thousands of children in 100 schools across 25 different countries, they concluded that it was better if children did remove shoes, with a huge number of children in Northern European countries having done it for years due to snow.



Believing the shoeless policy helps kids relax and “feel at home”, researchers say it will “give children the best chance of performing in their exams”.


"Children are much more willing to sit on the floor and relax if they have no shoes on," lead researcher Stephen Heppell said.


"The last place a child would sit to read is an upright chair and we’ve found that 95 per cent of them actually don’t read on a chair at home. When they go on holidays they read lying down.


“Having conditions in the classroom that are like those at home means that more boys are reading in the classroom.”


However, it’s not just the kids who benefit. 


Leaving shoes outside the classroom also mean schools save a lot of money.


In fact, according to reports, the cleaning bill is reduced by 27% and, because kids are sitting on the floor, there is no need to buy a table and chair for every child.


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