Children learn best through play, and table manners are no different. If you want your child to learn table manners, try one of these ideas:
Buy books that deal with meal times, and discuss the behaviour (or lack thereof) with your child. Since children love repetition of stories, it is entirely possible that your child will want to hear it repeatedly, and the message of table manners should get through.
Make your child a place mat that has pictures or traced shapes of his or her utensils, plate, cup and so on. Allow your child to colour them in, and then laminate it. While you are teaching table manners, use that place mat for your child’s meals, and if he or she does well, then add a star to the edge of the mat.
Offer rewards for good behaviour at the table. It is inevitable that your child will have the odd mess, but if you are rewarding good behaviour at the dinner table, he or she is far more likely to want to make an extra effort.