Teaching your little one about chores and cleaning when they are still a toddler is a great way of preparing them for preschool and big school too.
If you start teaching them the importance of keeping their space clean and how to put things away at an early age, they will carry this with them and it won’t be such a shock when they start preschool.
Having their own tasks to do and complete will give your toddler a sense of independence and usefulness.
Here are some simple tasks your toddler or preschooler can help you with:
1. Put their dirty clothes in the washing basket
Tell your toddler or preschooler which items of their clothes need to go in the wash basket after each day. Show them how to do it and encourage them in the evening.  
2. Set the table
Show them how to set their own spot at the table. Of course it wouldn’t be ideal to have your little one carrying heavy dinner plates, glasses and sharp cutlery so just their own utensils will work fine.
3. Clear their plate
Teach your toddler to clear their own plate after dinner and show them where to put it. Encourage them to do this after each meal.
4. Make their bed
After getting up every morning show your toddler how to make their bed simply by just pulling the cover into place.
5. Pick up and put away toys
Your toddler is more than capable of picking up their own toys and putting them back where they belong. Show your child how every toy has a place and this is where they must go after playtime.
To make things easier these tips might help:
  • Clean together
    Your child will love joining in on whatever it is you are doing so give him a duster and let him help. Of course give him the safe, product-free chores.
  • Make a fun chart
    Get creative and make a chart that shows everybody’s chores are shared equally in the house and have some stars to give when they are completed.
  • Treats
    Reward your child’s discipline by offering a small treat at the end of each month.