Educating your teenager about alcohol is an important part of parenting.  Most teens will try alcohol before they are eighteen and many will use alcohol regularly. Even if you think your teen will never touch alcohol, it is important that you educate them about the need to be responsible and its harmful effects.
Talk to your teen openly about how your family views alcohol and what your rules are regarding it. Ensure that they know that there will be consequences should they break these rules.
Talk to them freely about how you don’t approve of underage drinking but try not to lecture or threaten them about it.
Ask them about what their attitude to drinking is and ask what their friend’s attitudes are. If you feel they are being pressured to drink, speak to them about ways they can handle the pressure. Teach them it is always ok to say no if it is something they are not comfortable with.
It’s also important that they are fully aware of the dangers of taking a lift with someone who has been drinking.  Ensure they know that no matter what time it is, they can call you and you will come collect them.
If you are trying to teach your teenager to respect alcohol, it is also important that you are a responsible role model.  You should also drink responsibly and store any alcohol in a locked cabinet.