We recently reported on the story of a young family, who a few days after they went to the beach, discovered they'd been playing with a WWII bomb, and now we have another story that highlights the need to be vigilant when near water. 


A ten-year-old old girl in Florida is being hailed a hero after she went into the water to save her friend, despite being bitten by a shark.


Kaley Szarmack was swimming in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, on Wednesday, when she was bitten by a 3ft long shark on her leg.


Thankfully, the young girl managed to get away from the shark before realising that her six-year-old friend was still in the water, ABC News reports.


Brave Kaley went out to the other girl, shouting that there was a shark, before grabbing her and pulling the youngster to safety.



The ten-year-old was taken to hospital with several lacerations and received 90 stitches in her leg. 


Talking about the incident, her father, Dave, unsurprisingly said that he is “just so proud of her”.


What a courageous young girl.  Well done, Kaley!