The best gifts to give your child’s school teacher at the end of term

The end of the school term is creeping up which means it’s just about time to start scrambling around for an appropriate, inexpensive gift to pass on to your little one’s school teacher.

Sometimes it can be a bit tricky trying to come up with a suitable present for someone who you don’t necessarily know very well, but undoubtedly appreciate. That’s why we’ve come up with this foolproof list of gifts that are bound to put a smile on your child’s teacher’s face this year.

Homemade Treats

If you’ve got some skills in the kitchen, then this is your time to shine. Bake up a storm by whipping up a batch of homemade brownies, or maybe a lemon drizzle loaf, some rocky road squares or even a basket of freshly baked scones. Your children’s teachers are sure to appreciate the gesture as it shows that you’ve put in a little bit more effort than simply buying a box of chocolate.

A scented candle

While this is definitely a safe option, you really can never have enough scented candles. They’re practical, pretty and inexpensive, ticking all the boxes. I absolutely adore this Anam candle from the Handmade Soap Company — it smells like a trip to the spa, offering calm and soothing nuances.

A restaurant voucher

Giving your child’s teacher a voucher to a lovely, local restaurant would make a really special gift, especially if you’re chipping in with a couple of other parents, to make sure that they can indulge in the three-course extravaganza.

A bottle of fizz

Opting to give your child’s teacher a bottle of prosecco, champagne or non-alcoholic fizz is always a nice gesture, as they’ll never go to waste. Aldi does a fantastic prosecco for just €12.99, an ideal price for those who don’t want to break the bank on yet another teacher gift.

A handwritten letter

According to a study conducted by, above all else teachers really appreciate a card with a handwritten note. As group gifts have become more popular in recent years, teachers have found that they receive far fewer cards than they used to. Have your child write a letter to their teacher, telling them just how much they appreciate them or have them write about the sorts of things they’ve learned this past year, to help give the teacher an insight into the impact they’ve had on your little one.

A personalised notebook

A teacher can never have enough stationary, which is why a personalised notebook is the perfect gift. Customise the present with a lovely quote, your teacher’s initials or even a favourite phrase. 

A Picnic Blanket

This gift is something your child’s teacher can definitely use on their summer holidays, which they’re sure to appreciate. This black and white gingham blanket from amazon is super cute and affordable.

Luxury Fudge

If you’re not so handy in the kitchen, then you can always buy a packet of Mella’s Irish Butter Fudge, to help satisfy any sweet tooth cravings your child’s teacher might have. Their Irish Cream Liqueur and Salted Caramel flavours sound divine!


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A stylish travel mug

Forget the mugs that say ‘Best Teacher Ever’ or the ones labelled ‘#1 Teacher’ and instead opt for a stylish travel mug that they can use again and again. It’s practical without being too personal, which some teachers prefer. You could even present it with a box of tea bags or a jar of coffee.