There is nothing more appealing than a nice swim in the pool, watching your little one splashing around and having a ball in the water.


And while it might sound nice, the reality is a whole lot different than the fantasy!


Splashing around

You had visions of your little one finally mastering the art of swimming and allowing you let go for a while (with their arms bands on, don't worry!).But no, it was not to be - there are so many people in the pool you wouldn’t dare let your little one go!



The arm bands

Talking about the arm bands, it takes at least 20 minutes of bribing and bargaining before you get even one on. You’re starting to wonder if it was worth it!



The cold

Unless the water is up around your shoulders you are going to be freezing, and where does your toddler want to stay? Yes, you guessed it, in the baby pool that barely covers your ankles!



The showers

All you want is a quick shower to rinse off the chlorine, that’s not too much to ask for, is it?! Well, apparently so, because you will spend at least ten minutes waiting for a free one and then five minutes dodging the previous user’s hair on the wall.


Getting dressed

Cubicles are tiny.  And when you are getting dressed with a toddler in tow, they are really tiny! But that’s not all! Prepare for awkward questions from your youngster when you accidently drop a towel!



You are bound to forget something

You absolutely swear you had a swim hat in the bag, but of course when you go to put it on your little one’s head you can’t find it. Cue you shuffling out to the reception in your swimsuit, freezing cold, while you buy one. While you stand there, you wonder aloud why your youngster needs one when they don’t even have enough hair to tie up.



And while it might sound like a bit of a chore, and it definitely has its ups and downs, it is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon! And teach your little one to be safe in the water.