The new Beauty and the Beast movie has all the kids excited and let's be honest, most adults as well. 


It's the kind of story which really captures kids' imaginations and this was certainly the case for mum Alina Cathcart and her little girl. 


Alina had taken her daughter to see Beauty and the Beast and the little girl loved Belle’s character.


She loved Belle so much that she was still wearing her Belle princess dress while shopping with Alina in Target the next day. 


It caught the eye of an employee who approached them to chat about the movie.



The man named Cal, had also just been to see the movie and chatted to the excited little girl about the movie and her dress.


Alina explained that even though her daughter “acting painfully shy,” Cal patiently waited for her to slowly tell him her favourite parts and all about the birthday party she was invited to this weekend.


After they said goodbye, Alina’s daughter turned to her with a big smile and said “He is a very nice man.”


Alina said the exchange had “made her heart happy, he took the time to make her feel special.”


But what happened next brought tears to Alina’s eyes.



“Ten minutes later, we once again crossed paths with Cal," she explained.


"He walked up to my daughter and knelt down to be on her level. With great care and sincerity, he asked if she could protect and keep this rose safe for the Beast.”


“As she barely got out a shocked, 'YES!' he quickly handed me a gift receipt for the toy and told her not to forget her promise as he left.”


Alina’s daughter was thrilled to bits with the special gift.



“I don't know what made him think to do such a kind act but it brought me to tears. In this crazy world, he took the time to create a special moment for a little girl who still believes in magic and that the world is filled with wonders and possibilities,” Alina said.

“A thousand thank you's will never be enough for you to understand what you did for my daughter and how you helped me see there IS a little magic left in this world."