Eight-year-old Noah Aldrich, has become famous all across the world, after his sweet actions for his little brother Lucas.
Earlier this month, Noah completed a mini-triathlon for his six-year-old brother, who has a rare genetic condition which prevents him from walking, talking or eating on his own.
But thanks to Noah, Lucas was able to compete in his first mini-triathlon.
Their father, Brian explained why Noah was so determined to help Lucas.
"They definitely have a special bond, the two of them. You see Lucas light up so much when Noah enters the room. It just brings a smile to your face when you see the love between the boys."
For the course's one-mile run, Noah pushed his brother in a jogging stroller. He pulled the same stroller behind his bike for the three-mile ride, and he completed the 200-meter swim by strapping himself into a harness, which he attached to a floating raft with Lucas safely on top.
Lucas was diagnosed with lissencephaly shortly after he was born. The rare condition cause seizures, greatly reduces motor functions and unfortunately, creates a shortened lifespan as a result.
Noah said he wanted to make the most of his time with Luca,s and was determined to include Lucas in this mini-triathlon.
"(Most of) the time when I play sports he has to just watch. I just want to finish with Lucas."
The two brothers completed the mini-triathlon together in a time just over 54 minutes.