Luca Turner, who is two-years-old, was on a Ryanair flight this week, flying from Alicante to Stanstead. 


Luca spent the two hour flight helping the flight attendants serve refreshments to passengers.


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His mum, Carli, told The Huffington Post that “He walked up and down for a good two hours and was even shouting ‘teas and coffees’ to passengers when the trolley came out."


After all of the youngster's hard work, he decided to have a little snooze, in the AISLE of the plane. 





The best part? Carli captured her son's peculiar nap on camera, and shared it with the world. 


Eventually, Luca was moved back to his seat, but he insisted on lying down on the floor beneath his seat to continue his sleep.



Good man Luca!


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