Anyone who has a car and a child will know that one of the most important basics to get absolutely perfect, is the car seat.


With that in mind, it’s worth reminding parents everywhere that there is no safe substitute for a baby’s car seat – you have to invest, if you want to protect your child to the best of your ability.


This is the message being relayed by the experts at Child Seat Safety Limited, after an alarming discovery this week.



The team took to their official Facebook page to remind parents to never substitute a seat-liner from a buggy for a car seat.


Posting a photo of a discovery made during a check in Leicester, England, they wrote: “The image attached to this post is just one example of what we found. The seat or seat-liner from a pram/buggy is NOT a safe or legal car seat.”


Alarmingly, this was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of their concerning findings.



They added: “Out of the 200 checked, only 12 were fitted correctly. Please ask if you’re not sure about the seat you need for your child…Don’t take chances with your children’s lives.”


While some may take it for granted that this is common knowledge, it’s so important to spread this message and ensure that each and every parent is educated as to the rights and wrongs of car seat safety.


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