This is why teenagers should take omega-3 supplements

Trying to encourage teenagers to eat well can feel like mission impossible at times. They’ve got magical metabolisms and can easily scoff on chocolate bars without putting on weight. As stubborn as they are, it is wise to make sure they’re getting enough omega-3, especially as they return to secondary school.

The pressure placed on teenagers, especially in their senior years, is surreal. They have so much preparation to do for their exams so ensuring that they’re getting enough omega-3 is essential.

Teenagers require omega-3 and healthy omega-6 GLA to help boost brain power and regulate hormones and balance mood. Students require at least 250mg omega-3 DHA daily while studying for exams. 

Just as calcium is essential in building strong bones, DHA is essential for good brain health. Increasing your level of omega-3 can lead to improved memory and concentration, less anxiety, which makes it easier to study. 

Teenagers sitting the Junior Cert or Leaving Cert really need a constant supply of omega-3s to help keep them focused and reach their full potential in school.

Unless your teen is eating two/three portions of oily fish (sardines, anchovies, mackerel, salmon) a week, an omega-3 food supplement is a must. 

Studies show that taking an omega-3 supplement actually helps kids concentrate better in school, making it one of the smartest supplements your family can take.

A 2012 study found Omega 3 DHA had a profound improvement in reading age, concentration and learning ability in children, lower levels of DHA were attributed to poorer reading and impaired performance. 

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Teenagers require omega-3 and healthy omega-6 GLA to help boost brain power, regulate hormones and balance mood. Omega-3 is particularly important for children doing exams. Find out more about Eskimo Brain 3.6.9 here.