Eight-year-old Jared Correia, who suffered a stroke in the womb which left him with numerous disabilities, is clearly the apple of his dad's eye if this heartwrenching video is anything to go by.

Opening up to his son about his plans for the future, Jared's dad Jayce tells his little boy just how proud he is of him.

Putting his thoughts about his son into a rap, there is no doubt that Jayce's little boy appreciates his father's efforts and is visibly engaged with his father throughout the performance.

Jared who is unable to stand, walk, talk or see responded to his dad's message by nodding his head and smiling.

Opening up about his son's conditions which include cerebral palsy, hydrocephaly and epilepsy, proud dad Jayce said: "Jared might not be able to see, or comprehend much, but boy can he hear and feel a rhythm."

What a truly touching exchange.