There isn’t a little girl or boy out there who doesn’t love Disney and its colourful worlds and characters, so it’s not hard to see why little Bobbie Hargreaves is such a die-hard fan.


When Bobbie recently complained that there wasn’t ‘enough Disney’ in her life, her dad Adam decided to give her bedroom a makeover – with the coolest results.


Luckily for Bobbie, Adam is an insanely talented artist as well as a devoted dad, and what he created is nothing short of amazing.



Inspired by all of Bobbie’s favourite Disney films and characters, Adam painted murals on the four walls of her bedroom. Now, Bobbie can never be lonely – she will always have Simba, Belle and co. to keep her company!


Adam filmed the entire creative process, then sped it up and uploaded it to YouTube, where it has absolutely blown minds.


At the very end of the video, after Adam has shown off his amazing work, he shares little Bobbie’s reaction to seeing her room for the first time – and it’s the sweetest thing you will see all day.


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