Hosting a First Holy Communion party in the house after the ceremony has become more popular than going out for dinner. Unfortunately, while it may be cheaper, it can be more stressful catering and entertaining guests in your home than it is outside.
Here are some tips on how to organise a party stress-free:
Who to invite
Most of their school friends will have their own plans so you will probably just have a few cousins and relations over. Having a party at home means you may feel obligated to invite more people than you would if you were going out for dinner. However, if your budget doesn’t allow for too many people just stick with relations. Don’t invite people out of necessity – if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it.
Keep decorations simple
Choosing a colour theme or a particular style will help you to organise things a lot easier. Flowers, balloons and bunting can be purchased pretty cheaply and can be put up around the house with minimal effort. Don’t forget napkins and tablecloths.
A bouncy castle is a great way to keep kids amused for long periods of time and Communions are usually held in May when the weather is typically nice. A magician or puppet show in the living room is also a good idea as it will keep the kids together in one room. A piñata in the garden will keep adults and kids amused.
A buffet style lunch with rolls and sandwich fillings that guests can pick and choose would work well. If you want something a bit more substantial, why not do a large curry with rice and have guests   serve themselves? Paper plates are handy for cleaning up quicker but if you have enough simply stick with your plates and pop them in the dishwasher when people are done.
Thank you cards
Don’t forget thank you cards. You can either hand these out on the day in little party bags or post them out a few days later. While a text message is fine, a thank you card in the post will show people you truly appreciate their gift and are thankful they came to the party.