Discipline Dos and Don’ts
It’s a normal part of a child’s typical development for your child not to listen. This can be frustrating for parents but once you understand why this behaviour occurs then the solution of the problem be clearer.
There is no clear right way to discipline your child, every child is different and every situation will require a different response from you.
You need to ask yourself:
Are my efforts to discipline my child going to help him learn the correct behaviour and will it teach him the right way to behave and how to do it?
One yes trumps a thousand nos.
It’s always helpful to bear in mind that your child has an amazing memory. He won’t forget the one time that your child got you to change your mind! Giving in is a bad idea so you should resolve to never do it. Don’t tell your child no if there is a chance that you will change your mind.
Don't argue with your child
If you have gotten to the point of having to discipline your child, the time for discussion has long since passed. You should avoid any further discussion or arguments on the topic.
Avoid "You're in big trouble!"
This doesn’t mean anything and is just a phrase parents use when they have nothing else to say. It will only serve to eat away at your credibility. Know the disciplinary action you are going to take and take it.