We've only had the briefest of glances of Madonna's little twins, Esther and Stella, since the news broke of their adoption.


The four-year-old girls were pictured in cute blue dresses when Madonna adopted them in Malawi.


But it seems the music mogul couldn't resist giving the girls a modern makeover, as she shared a photo of the gorgeous twins clad in snazzy black and gold tracksuits. 



Today's Blessing brought to you by Adidas

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Madonna is a big fan of leisurewear, so it's no wonder that she kitted out the girls in style. 


Madonna seems to be bursting with pride over her girls, describing them as "today's blessing".


We love their big gold bows as well - Madonna's unique sense of style is sure to rub off on the twins. 


They also seem to share her love of music, as you can see them singing in this cute clip shared by the singer. 



A little night Music.........,

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The twins' mother died after complications from a C-section, and their father subsequently gave them up for adoption. 


However, he has since claimed he thought the twins would be returned to him, according to The Daily Mail.


It's great to see them settling in so well in their new home.