Mums often quiver at the thoughts of going to a parent-teacher meeting, but they can be a great opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher and discuss their progress at school. And with most meetings only lasting about 10 minutes, it’s important that mums go prepared.
  • Make sure you write down any questions or concerns that you may have and bring them along with you. Also, jot down notes throughout the meeting so that you won’t forget them when you leave the classroom.
  • If the teacher does express concern, don’t panic; simply listen carefully and then ask how you all can work together to help your child.
  • Unless relevant to your child, never ask about how the other kids in the class are doing.
  • The more prepared you are going in, the more beneficial the meeting will be for both you and the teacher.
  • Remember, school is not simply about learning subjects so, particularly if it is their first year, ask the teacher if your child is fitting in ok. How kids get on with their classmates can have a significant influence on how they learn.
  • Before you finish up, find out the best way to contact them if they have further questions or if you feel another meeting is necessary.
Don’t forget to let your child know how the meeting went, making sure you are not being negative, as they are probably interested to know what their teacher said.