School can be tough for children but it can be especially hard if they are having a difficult time with their teacher.
Dealing with teacher troubles can be tricky but by sticking to our top tips you will have all issues smoothed out in no time.
Talk to your child.
If you believe your little one is having a hard time it is important that you talk to them about their day. If you can, try and get as much information out of them as possible so that when you do go in to talk to the teacher you are dealing with simple facts. 
Stay calm.
Losing your cool will not help so keep negative thoughts about the teacher to yourself, especially in front of your child. Negative comments will confuse them and they will approach school with the same negative attitude as you.
Plan your approach.
After you have talked to your son or daughter, schedule a meeting with their teacher to discuss the issue. Go in with an open mind and be ready to listen to their side of the story. 
Go to the principal.
If you still feel that the problem remains unresolved you have every right to go to the principal with your concerns.
Always trust your instinct, if you believe that your child is having a hard time it is important to address the issue even if it is a teacher that they are having a problem with.