A family in Alabama have been left devastated after 10-year-old AJ Underwood died from an accidental hanging.
A dedicated Boy Scout, AJ had been practicing tying knots for his merit badge in his room before a party. When he didn’t come downstairs when called, his mum rushed to his room and discovered him hanging from his bunk bed.
The boy was rushed to hospital, but paramedics were unable to resuscitate him. Both police and the family confirm his death was an accident.
AJ’s aunt, Dana Wiesman, spoke on behalf of the grieving family. 
"We had been learning how to tie rope, tie knots in ropes in Boy Scouts. He came into the house and had unpacked his Boy Scout bag, and he went in his room and was apparently playing with the rope and slipped and got caught in it," she said.
“It's unreal, it really was, it still is. I still expect to come running out to play with the kids."
AJ leaves behind his mum and dad and three sisters. Dana recalls how happy and helpful her nephew always was.
"He's mama's boy. She needs him more than he ever needed her,” she said. “He took care of things. He was always smiling and happy. He would do anything for anybody. He's the best kid I've ever known."
The shocked community has rallied around the family, helping with funeral costs and helping in whatever way they can.
"We will never be able to say thank you enough for everything that everybody in this community has done for us,” Dana said. “We will never be able to say it enough."