Once the first round of CAO offers has been made published, a second round of offers will be issued in order to fill the remaining vacancies. It can be a difficult time for students and parents alike with many being hoping that points will drop even by just five points.
There will also be students and parents who find themselves faced with the dilemma of being offered the course they want but in a college that is far away from home or possibly a course that they aren’t sure they really do want.
There will also be the lucky students who receive their place in their desired course in the college they had chosen. For these parents and students, all the hard work has paid off and the relief is huge.
Whatever situation you and your child find yourselves in, it’s important to consider all options and remember that there is always an another option.
It’s important to explore all possible options and look for advice. You should never accept that there is nothing you can do.
Students can now use the online portal on the CAO website to view and accept offers. In early September, vacant college places will be online as well as being published in the daily newspapers.