Homework reinforces lessons  taught during the day
Sometimes lessons that kids have learned during the day won’t make much sense until they practice it for themselves. The classroom isn’t always conducive to this type of learning which is why homework is extremely important. Practice is particularly important for maths and critical thinking skills.
Homework instils self-discipline
Homework teaches children time management, organisational skills, concentration skills, and responsibility. Self-discipline is an important life skill that can only be learned by doing.
Homework will rarely be appealing
Most kids don't like doing homework. Parents should facilitate rather than force them; you can cajole, plead, yell, threaten or bribe them to do homework, but this is unlikely to lead to the development of an appreciation for learning.Who has the time or the inclination to stand over their children instead of getting all the other tasks they need to get done? Instead, aim to make the homework process run as smoothly as possible.
Provide a comfortable, well-lit place for your child to do homework
The homework process will run a lot smoother if you ensure that your child has everything needed to do homework, from pens and paper to books and colouring pencils and maybe a glass of water or juice.Take a minute to sit down with them before they get their homework started and ask them if they need anything else.Encourage your child to keep you informed about how their homework is progressing and to ask them to let you know what interesting facts they are learning.