A US child beauty pageant company have said that they will no longer be holding events in the Dublin and Cork areas.
The head of Universal Royalty, Annette Hill, has said that only one event will go ahead in Belfast alone.
The abandoning of the Dublin and Cork venues is reported to be due to a lack of interest by hotels to host the event, which has caused much debate since their last visit to Ireland last year.
This event will be free of charge, Hill announced, due to an incident in which a Dublin hotel cancelled at last minute, forcing them to eventually find a new venue in Monaghan, and infuriating parents: “I’m very confident there will be no problems this time around. I’m bringing a big crew and security over with me this time and I’m a lot wiser after my experiences last year.”
Many people have expressed concern about the Belfast event, with many parents believing it is an unsuitable scene for young children to be involved in. A Facebook group called: “No thank you to the US Kids beauty pageant planned for Belfast in 2014” has been in existence since the pageant’s announcement. 
However, there are also many Irish parents who wish their children to partake in the event and are set to be disappointed by today’s news.