Your tot can become quite attached to their soothers, so when it’s time to wean them off their dummies, it can be a little difficult. While we hate to see our little ones upset, they can’t use their soothers forever. Here are some methods on how you can wean your tot off their soother for good.
Slow wean
This is a similar method to weaning a baby from breastfeeding. It's a slow method but does work, especially if your tot is quite attached to their soother. Choose the time of day that your tot is most likely going to want their pacifier and remove it from their sight. If your little one asks for it tell them that they can have it later. Try to reassure them that they are okay without it and move on to another activity. Gradually increase the times you refuse to give your tot the pacifier. Sometimes it can be a good idea to distract them with a snack or toy but make sure not to overdo this either.
Throw them away
This may seem a little cruel, but it will make it clear to your tot that it’s time for them to move away from their dummy. Throw away all soothers in the house even if your tot is watching. Prepare yourself for some crying, as they will not understand your reasons behind your actions. Soothe your toddler and explain that they are getting older and are just not able to use soothers anymore.
While they may not be able to completely understand what’s going on, do try and explain that you think it’s time for them to give up their soother. Involve your tot in the decision  and give them a reward for each day they go without their dummy. To make the transition a little easier for your tot, make sure you plan a specific date that your child knows and understands will be the last day of their soother. So when it does occur, it won’t be a big shock to them.
Pinhole method
Usually a last resort method if none of the above work - it's quite effective even if sneaky. By a poking a pinhole in your tot’s soother it will stopping working everytime they try to suck on their dummy. This will cause your tot to think it’s broken and they will not like it anymore.