When your child is between the ages of two and three years old, bed wetting is not something strange – it’s something you should expect.


It’s not something your child can control at this age, and scolding your child will have no effect. In fact, research has proven that about half of all children will still wet the bed at age three.


Even by age six, up to 13 percent of children will still wet the bed.


Deeper sleepers, and children who have only recently begun to potty train are even more likely to have night time accidents. 


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This can be a tricky skill to master, and sleeping makes bladder control even more difficult for young children.


The best way to check whether your child is ready to try sleeping without a nappy is to check your child’s nappy every morning.


A dry nappy several nights in a row is a good indication that your child may be ready to sleep without a nappy on.


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Limit the amount of liquid your child drinks in the evenings, and try the experiment for a week or two.


If it works, then continue, but if your child still has more accidents than he or she does dry nights, then give it a while before you try again.


If you do try this, it’s a good idea to invest in a plastic mattress protector, that will keep your child’s mattress dry.



When there are accidents, change your child’s bedding and clothes as soon as possible to prevent irritation, and return to nappies for a while.


Reassure your child that he or she is simply not ready yet, and that you will try again in a month or two.


Make sure that your child understands that you are not angry with him or her.


These things happen, and are perfectly normal.