If your little one was bullied in school before they broke for summer, they're probably feeling anxious about returning to that environment. This is a heartbreaking thing for any parent to see their child go through, but there are a few things you can do to help the situation.
Talk to them
While they may want to keep their feelings to themselves, it's important to sit down and chat with your child about going back to school. They need to know that they can tell you about their fears without being judged, and that you're there to help if they feel like they need it.
Inform the teacher
Telling the teacher about the bullying doesn't mean you're asking them to intervene, but it's good to have an adult keeping an eye on the situation when you can't be there. If the situation does get worse, then of course the school will need to do something about it, such as getting the parents of the bully involved.
Ask about the bullying policy at the school
It's good to be informed about the school's bullying policy so that you can make sure they are acting accordingly and taking the proper courses of action to deal with the situation, should it arise.
Prepare your child
The younger your child, the more they will respond to role plays of how to respond to the bully. These kind of empowering activities will make them feel less vulnerable going back to school, and hopefully get rid of some of their anxiety.
Practice non-verbal confidence
Bullies usually pick on kids who seem weaker than them, so practice some ways of showing confidence without words with your child. Standing tall, holding their head high and looking the bully in the eye will show them they're not afraid, and they'll be less likely to be picked on. Practice really does help with these kinds of things, so make sure they work on this at home before going back to school.
Talk about the bully
Make sure your child knows that the bullying they're experiencing isn't their fault. Bullies are often lacking in confidence or dealing with other problems, which is why they try to make someone else feel small. If your child can understand this at all, their confidence won't be knocked as bad because they'll know it's got more to do with bully that it has to do with them.