Going for a first hair cut, or even a second or third can be a scary experience for a toddler. Having a pair of scissors or a buzzing clipper approaching their head may cause many to wriggle or scream. There are a few ways you can make the experience less traumatic though.
Try distracting him with a favourite toy, or even reading a book while the hairstylist gives him a trim.
Schedule haircuts to coincide with your partner’s regular trims, and let him watch his daddy sit still for a haircut before it’s his turn.
Try to find a hairstylist in your area who specialises in cutting children’s hair. Usually, they will have a calm and gentle manner, and be used to dealing with squirming or nervous clients.
Schedule hair cuts for a time when your child is well rested, and not hungry or thirsty. That way, they won’t be distracted by any other feelings of discomfort.
Last, but not least, you could try having a ‘pretend’ haircut at home first. Make snipping motions above your child’s head with plastic scissors, to get him used to the noise, and make a game of it!