Very few of us have been able to forget the gnawing feeling that seemed to be permanently in our stomach during those traumatic Leaving Cert weeks.

But while we may sympathise with our exam-bound kids, it can be hard not to pile on the pressure by trying to ‘help’ and ‘encourage’ or lose the rag with them completely when they get angry over nothing. Sure, they’re snappy and cranky, stomping around the house during daily teen tantrums, but can't you remember just how stressful a time it is?

Here’s a reminder why you should probably cut your teen some slack (or at least plot your revenge for AFTER the exams).


1. Throughout the entire school year, these exams have loomed over them like a dark cloud.



2. Teachers are panicking and in turn, are piling pressure on students, constantly telling them how imperative a good result is to their future happiness. These exams are everything.



3. Parents want you to do well. No pressure though…


The 55 Stages Of Going Through Your Final Exams


4. You can’t see a future for yourself if the exams don’t go well because good grades and that one college course are your only way to succeed.



5. From the way teachers and relatives are acting, poor final grades will lead to homelessness and meth.



6. But you’re totally calm.



7. During the two weeks before the exams, everyone in your year is freaking out.



8. Whether you’ve studied diligently all year or failed to crack a book, you are now panicking and can’t remember one single fact about anything.



9. What have you been doing during all those years spent in school!?


The 55 Stages Of Going Through Your Final Exams


10. As the time draws nearer, you make several spreadsheets and lists in a blind panic, kidding yourself into thinking they’ll help. They don’t.



11. Although usually a variety of coloured pens does help to calm you a little.



12. The stress is too much, so you decide to give yourself a breather on Facebook.



13. And Twitter.



14. And Youtube.



15. And Tumblr.



16. And... Oh My God, where did the last four hours go?



17. Family members are being too noisy while you study.



18. But then they try to give you space (ie: avoid your erratic temper) and are too quiet!



19. You compare notes and exams tips with friends and realise you’ve all been studying different things.



20. Oh God, you’re going to fail.






22. In the few days before the exams, you stop sleeping. You know you need sleep, but it’s a luxury you can’t afford because STUDYING



23. Also coffee and Red Bull!



24. But the morning of your first exam, you’re eerily calm.



25. You are beyond hope and have accepted that no more facts can fit in your head.


The 55 Stages Of Going Through Your Final Exams


26. Then you see the paper and think, “Wow, I know these answers! I’m going to ace this!”



27. You write and feel a bright future shining ahead of you.



28. But then you finish and realise everyone else around you is still writing furiously.






30. In your next exam, you feel like a pro – you can do this!



31. But then everyone else leaves early and you’re still writing furiously.






33. After each exam, you leaf through books, desperately trying to remember questions and the answers you gave to them.



34. Yup, definitely failed.



35. Once the exams are over, you feel an overwhelming sense of relief and freedom!



36. And then you realise you have months to wait for your results…