So, if the school holidays have not already begun, most people are only days or weeks away from ‘freedom’ – but what does that actually mean, both for ourselves and our children?


While our little ones may not have to spend their days sitting in the classroom poring over textbooks, their days tend to be just as structured with camps, classes and schedules.


The reality of this struck US mum Kristen Hewitt recently – and encouraged her to tear up previous plans she had so carefully organised.


Kristen is a TV reporter and a writer as well as being a mum to two little girls – so, all in all, she’s one very busy lady. She had pretty lofty ideas of what the summer would entail for her daughters, but in the end, she decided to scrap them.


In a post entitled Why We Are Doing Nothing This Summer, posted to her website, Kristen outlined what she had initially planned for her girls.


“There were going to be chore charts, reading goals, daily letter writing practice, and cursive classes,” she wrote.



“There would be no screen time until the beds were made, and planned activities for each day of the week.”


However, Kristen broke her plans on Day One of the holidays. Rather than follow the schedule, and head out on a beach day, she posted a photo of what the girls were actually doing: sleeping, curled up on the couch under their Frozen blankets.


They ‘lounged in their pjs until 11am, baked chocolate chip brownie cookies, started an art project they never finished, then moved to the pool’.


The break from schedule came as as much of a relief to Kristen as it did to the girls, and it made her realise that sometimes, all they need is a break and a little freedom.


“Let’s be real,” she wrote. “We’re all tired. Tired of chores, tired of schedules and places to be, tired of pressure, and tired of unrealistic expectations.”


So, how will Kristen and her girls be spending their summer? Doing ‘literally nothing’. That includes ‘no camps, no classes and no curriculums’.



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And while the girls will be enjoying themselves at their own pace, Kristen will be taking the time to focus on herself and her own goals.


Kristen’s post has gained plenty of positive and supportive feedback online, with many fellow mums cheering her on.


“We did this last summer and plan to do it again this summer!” wrote one follower. “Makes you feel so much better!”


Another chimed in: “Perfect. We all need this. Ever noticed how nice it feels to come home after a ‘vacation’? We need a vacation from our vacations. This is it. Just taking each day by day.”


We couldn’t agree more! We absolutely LOVE Kristen’s post, and may be taking a leaf out of her book going forward.


What about you, mums?