This year, World Vision's Toys Appeal will raise awareness and much-needed funds to help refugee children have a safe place to learn and play.


For so many children in the world, getting a new toy and participating in playtime is something that comes hand in hand with childhood.


However much we may take it for granted, children need it in their lives to help them learn, grow, explore their creativity and build their confidence; for refugee children it helps them cope with the trauma of having to flee their country and leave their home, school, friends and family behind.


A toy such as a doll may not seem like much in our minds but for six-year-old refugee Fatimah this is all she has – it is her pride and joy and a much needed distraction from the poverty, injustice and conflict that surrounds her.


‘‘Her name is Dolly and she was a gift from my mum who didn’t make it to the camp." – Fatimah *




How can I help?                                  

Unfortunately World Vision does not accept donations of toys - it’s expensive and also impractical.


However, you can help their cause by going to the charity's website and choosing a football (€5), bunny rabbit (€10), doll (€15), beerbox truck (€20), helicopter (€30) or scooter (€35).


The money you donate will be used to help the charity's work with refugees and refugee children providing essential support, clean water, shelter and food items.


Your donation will help children get the best support possible.


*Name has been changed for child protection