Every year, philanthropist Carol Suchman buys kids in the foster care system birthday gifts, but this year she has stepped things up a notch.


In fact, the venture capitalist has bought an entire toy shop and is donating all of its contents to homeless kids for Christmas.


Carol was walking around New York City when she noticed a “for rent” sign in the window of the Hudson Party Store in the West Village. When she called the number she not only took the building, but all of the store’s inventory.



Talking to WSBTV News 2, she said: “Children are always my focus, so that’s why I realized that a lot of foster kids get a lot of used things and I realized probably a lot of them never had a birthday gift that they actually wanted.” 


It wasn’t just toys in the shop though, the haul, which Carol wrapped up and donated to the New York City Department of Homeless Services, included plenty of boxes of school supplies.


What a wonderful lady; we hope her kind gesture will brighten up the day of the kids who receive a gift.