A workman nearly plummeted to his death after a child cut the ropes on his harness because the noisy work was interrupting his TV show.
Liu Mai was using a drill on the side of the apartment building earlier this week in Guizhou, China 80ft off the ground when 10-year-old Tang Chu took a knife to his ropes, almost causing his death.
Mr Liu said, "I was using an electric drill to fit security lights to the outside of the building when I felt my safety rope shaking. I looked up to see what was wrong."
"Then I saw the boy cutting the rope with a knife. I shouted at him to stop but he didn’t listen and soon after, the rope was broken. I was petrified," he said. 
He was left hanging onto a single rope for dear life while colleagues spent 40 minutes struggling to pull him to safety.
A spokesman from the local fire service said the boy acted on impulse when the drilling made it difficult for him to hear his cartoons.
His father, Tang Peng, said the boy has apologised and the family have brought Mr Liu a new rope.
He said, "We also gave him a good talking too and explained what he did was very dangerous. He has promised he will not do something similar again."
Mr Tang also revealed he is considering taking his son to anger management therapy due to the incident.