Research has found that girls as young as 11-years-old are finding e-cigarettes ‘highly appealing’.
The authors of the study found that the use is widespread because children can easily get the devices from friends, parents, and shops; and the girls most likely to use the e-cigarettes are those who do not partake in sports or after school activities.
Andrew Jones, executive director of public health for the health board for North Wales said: “The study found that awareness and use of e-cigarettes was commonplace in some areas.
“Most of the girls who took part in focus groups could name at least five different flavours of vapours which include strawberry milkshake, gummy bear and bubble gum.
“Some were not aware that e-cigarettes could have nicotine in them and most felt that e-cigarettes were ‘not as bad’ as cigarettes.”
There are now calls for control measures regarding the sale of e-cigarettes to children, especially considering the fears that manufacturers of electronic nicotine devices are “making false and unproven claims, misleading the public into thinking these products are harmless (they are not) and effective cessation aids (which is unknown)”.