Concerned parents in the UK have started a petition following the introduction of unisex toilets in their children’s school to get them to restore “traditionally segregated facilities”.


In a bid to create safe spaces “where pupils show respect towards each other and feel respected”, Buxton School in East London introduced the new system for children over the age of eight.


Executive head teacher, Kath Wheeler, told the Guardian that the toilets meet Department of Education requirements and Waltham Forest council regulations.


However, parents are not impressed and are calling for the head teacher to put an end to “this social experiment”.



“We believe the decision to introduce unisex toilets will disrupt the hygiene, privacy, safety, security and the wellbeing of the children attending Buxton School,” a petition which has over 800 signatures states.


“We fear that it may potentially cause an increase in sexually related incidents, including assault and harassment.”


Highlighting how the changes came without any consultation or notification, supporters of the campaign are calling upon their local councillors and MPS to “apply pressure on the school until the corrective measures have been taken.”


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