Yesterday marked Oxfam’s #Dressedbythekids day which is probably one of the funniest charity challenges we’ve seen yet.


The premise is simple: parents ask their children to dress them up for one day in any clothing and accessories that take their fancy, they then wear the ridiculous outfit in public and raise sponsorship money for Oxfam.


All money raised is donated to Oxfam’s efforts to fight poverty.


Of course, handing over control of your wardrobe to your kids is a risky business and we found some photos that prove the kids took their stylist duties very seriously indeed...


Lots of accessories


Dad Jack Lundie who works at Oxfam donned a red Stetson hat, gold-rimmed sunglasses and a green wig.


However, they appear to have let him off lightly on the clothing side of things!




High heels are a must

These little boys actually chose a very stylish outfit for their mum, heels, a mini skirt and a lacy black top.


It's probably more suitable for a nightclub than the school run though...


A feather boa was lurking in the background also!



The 80s are back

Mum Lisa Woodhouse’s kids couldn’t decide if a superheroine look or an 80s look suited her best. So they gave her both!


Lisa’s outfit consisted of a red cape, a mini skirt with colourful leggings underneath, lots of jewellery and some Downton Abbey elbow length gloves.


We are impressed with the effort that went into this, they even gave her a new hairstyle. 



Christmas came early


Dad Matt Bullas found himself wearing a birthday party hat, teamed with a novelty Christmas jumper, a hipster style skinny scarf, sports shorts and yellow socks.


His shoes were missing also..we're not sure if this is part of the look??



Mixing it up

TV presenter Gaby Roslin’s outfit was very impressive.


Her daughters selected the smart casual look, dressing her in a long black skirt and heels, white top, denim shirt and leather jacket before topping it all off with a leopard print fedora!


We hope Gaby wasn’t roasting in all those layers!



Sports day chic

Lots of teachers got in on the act too and with many schools having their annual sports day, what better time?


Mr Wearing at Kelsall School let his students pick out an ensemble which included a mullet wig, suede purple waistcoat, pink legwarmers and some shoes that looked totally unsuitable for sports day!



Would you take part in a challenge like this mums? Did you participate this year? Let us know.