Mum Jenna Eastland caused controversy on This Morning today, when she appeared with her young daughter Layla, whom she says she’s spent “thousands of pounds” on.


Jenna says Layla, seven, dreams of a showbiz career and she allows her to wear makeup, fake tan and revealing outfits. Layla is home-schooled and regularly competes in beauty pageants and dance competitions. Jenna said she has spent “a fortune” on costumes for her.


Viewers reacted to their appearance angrily, with one saying that “it’s wrong to let a seven-year-old dress like Katie Price”, and others accusing Jenny of “sexualising” the little girl.


“False lashes? Seven years old? Makeup? Ridiculous,” one angry viewer tweeted the programme.


Presenter Ruth Langsford quizzed Jenna over the appropriateness of Layla’s outfit of a pink top which exposed her stomach, white shorts and silver wedge heels.


“How Layla's looking now, she's got lipstick, mascara and make-up on. This crop top, is it part of doing the dance, or would you let her dress like that every day?” Ruth asked.



Jenna responded saying: “I'd let her dress like that every day.” Ruth then asked: “Do you not think that what she is wearing is too adult?”


“I know she is very athletic, I think she looks beautiful,” Jenna insisted.


“I’ve had comments like, ‘Oh, you’re a paedophile enabler’. But if you’re looking at my little girl in that way, then I think there’s something wrong with you, not Layla,” she said. 


However, many viewers disagreed with her.

“Parents who make their little kids up to look like teenagers are disgusting,” one viewer wrote on social media.


“That poor child, dolled up like a tart and looking very uncomfortable,” another wrote, referring to Layla.



Little Layla remained quiet throughout most of the interview and appeared slightly nervous.


Eamonn Holmes picked up on this and told Jenna, “You look more excited than Layla is”; however, Jenna claimed her daughter was “a bit overwhelmed”.


Jenna describes her daughter as having the “mindset of an adult”, and she prefers experimenting with makeup than playing with toys.


Rather disturbingly, Jenna revealed that her daughter has already become preoccupied with her diet.


“She only eats the white of eggs because she saw on YouTube it's better for you, and she likes yoga and ice tea,” she said.


Did you think Layla is too young for this type of clothing and makeup, mums? Let us know.