Being a single parent is tough, and while each stage is different and comes with their own positives and negatives, the preschooler years are often left out when it comes to dishing out advice to parents.


And while no more tougher to deal with than other ages, it can be a tricky situation to be in especially as they are likely to ask more questions.


1. Don’t feel guilty

First and foremost make sure you don’t feel guilty for raising your child on your own. There are so many different circumstances whereby you can end up parenting alone and you should never feel like you are not in a 'traditional' family unit.


2. Don’t worry out things out of your hands

You can’t make your child’s father visit nor can you prevent other kids asking or evening teasing them about their dad. Instead being there for your child and offering the support they need are things you can control.



3. Get me-time

It’s difficult to find time for yourself when you are a single mum, but being on the go every minute without a break is not going to be good for either of you. Whether it’s after your preschooler has gone to bed or while they are at their grandparents, use this time to just breathe and perhaps do something you like.


4. Don’t make men the enemy

It is easy when you are left carrying the baby on your own to start to resent men in general. And while it is understandable that you are angry, especially if it has happened recently, it is important your child isn’t witness to this. Encourage male family and friends to visit the house often and spend time with your youngster – if there is no father figure around, then you need to seek out good male role models that they can look up to.


5. Talk to them about different families

When your preschool starts school they may begin to ask questions about their dad and why their family is different to others. But by talking to them about how families come in all shapes and sizes you can help them to feel more comfortable.