Exams can be an extremely stressful time for your teen and while all of their focus might be on the subjects ahead, they may forget to eat properly along the way. Here are some great nutritional tips to help your teen eat their way to exam success:
Don’t skip meals
It can be a lot easier than you think to skip meals, especially during stressful periods such as study. Even if nerves are getting the best of them, you need to make sure your teen is eating all three meals a day. Exams can last up to three hours and in some cases with no breaks. It is so important that your teen doesn’t skip any meals, especially breakfast.
Light and easy meals
Your teen needs all the time they can get to focus on their exams. While convenience foods are often preferred over the effort of cooking that tiresome nutritional meal, you can help ensure your teen gets their essential nutritional needs by preparing some light and easy meals. Something as simple as wholegrain cereal for breakfast, a tuna wrap for lunch and for dinner a stir fry or even a baked potato, can help keep your teen going throughout the day.
Preparation is key
Sometimes it still can be hard to fit in time to prepare those nutritional meals for your teen. So it can be a good idea to freeze some dinners for them to use during the busy exam periods ahead.
Keep hydrated
If your teen is finding it difficult to focus or is simply tired all the time, dehydration could be the main cause. So it’s essential to ensure that your teen is drinking up to 1.5 to 2l of fluid a day. Make sure your teen has fluid with time at all times and if allowed, a bottle of water to sip on during their exam.
Healthy snacks
Encourage your child to snack on some fruits, popcorn and yoghurt which are not only delicious but can help with your teen’s concentration levels. State exams are quite long and the last thing your teen wants is their stomach distracting them in the middle of their exams. If snacks are allowed in the exam centre it can not only help keep hunger at bay but will your teen’s concentration levels at all.