The clothing company Zara has received serious backlash for a child's shirt in their stores this week.
Several Twitter users commented that a striped kid’s shirt with a sheriff’s badge printed on the chest had a strong resemblance to the uniforms Jewish prisoners wore in Nazi concentration camps.
The similarities pointed out range from the stripes themselves to the “badge” being a yellow Star of David.
The top was in sale in Israel, France, Denmark, Albania and Sweden.
A journalist at the Jewish Press, an American weekly newspaper, wrote that the shirt was an “ugly, sly swipe at Jewish Holocaust survivors ... The word ‘Sheriff’ vanishes in letters that are transparent, outline shapes on the bright yellow fabric of the star."
Twitter users added to the public outrage, posting things like “Did you ever wonder where to get a trendy Holocaust T-shirt for your kids? Go to @ZARA. Shame on you!” and “Hitler has found a job at Zara.”
A spokespersons for Zara has apologised for the incident and confirmed that the item of clothing is no longer on sale, but defended the store, adding:
“The design of the T-shirt was only inspired by the sheriff’s stars from the Classic Western films.”