They are still too young to really understand the whole Santa experience, but that won't stop toddlers embracing the season as much as their older sibling, especially when presents are involved. Unfortunately, they are quite limited when it comes to writing their list to Santa – Mum and Dad tend to get involved to spoil their fun.


However, if given half the chance, we’re sure your little one would put the following on their list, if they could.


1. Large brown box

With nothing inside – it’ll become a spaceship and a café all in one day!


2. A musical toy that has no off switch

And plays over and over and over again... Really loudly!



3. Very expensive lipstick

So they can draw masterpieces on the walls and carpet!


4. At least two rolls of toilet paper

To unravel in its entirety, right before someone calls over...


5. A tub of butter

To enjoy after dinner.



6. A mobile phone

Preferably one that belongs to Mum - it would make a fantastic toilet submarine...


7. Bubble wrap

To roll and jump all over – this one sounds like it could be fun for the whole family.


8. The chance to eat snow

Oh how they can dream.



9. Shoes that light up

Preschool is just not the same if you have to wear boring black school shoes...


10. A scissors

To re-style their beautiful golden locks with...