Rotating your child’s toys is not as big of a deal as many people make it out to be. Putting away toys (out of your little’s one sight) that are too babyish or too grown up for them is a good place to start.


You should also look at what they play with now and what you think will benefit them in the future and store whatever is not going to be on display now.


However, do try to keep out a variety of toys so your child does have choice: imagination, memory, cognitive, physical activities.


Remember, you aren’t getting rid of them - they will be used on the next rotation.


If you are dreading the thoughts of sorting through your little one’s toys, then keep the following TEN BENEFITS in mind:


1. Less toys means clean up is an absolute BREEZE.... most of the time!


2. They are more likely to get better use out of the toys available than if they were overwhelmed by the sheer volume around them.



3. Things are less likely to get lost because there will be less mess around their room.


4. Toy rotation means fewer toys will get contaminated by germs meaning it will be A LOT easier to clean them when your little one coughs and sputters all over them.


5. They feel like they have new toys and will feign more interest in them – a bonus to help to save money.


6. They will KNOW what they have to play with thus avoiding the rummaging in the bottom of the toy box!



7. Your child will get the full use out of the toy as there is nothing on the shelf to distract their attention.


8. Your son or daughter will take better care of their toys because there is less for them to play with.


9. Your house will be clutter-free... well kind of!


10. They will be more inclined to use the toys in multiple ways because they won’t have any distractions.