Children are great there’s no denying that, but no matter how many parenting books you may read they will never prepare you for the day your baby becomes a full grown, attitude-filled eight-year-old.


Things are a whole lot different when your little one says goodbye to the preschooler years, and enters a whole new era - very, very different. 


Here are ten things big kids do that you probably never realised:


1. They have selective hearing

Say 'sweets' and watch their eyes light up; announce ‘it’s bedtime’, and they won’t even acknowledge you’ve said anything.


2. They won’t like their dinner

Even if you cooked them their favourite meal which they liked last week - but not this week.  



3. They can lie just as good as you

Well, they certainly do their best to try.


4. Their grovelling will work, all of the time

They can pull off the cutest puppy dog eye that will have you falling to your knees to please them.



5. They will unintentionally embarrass you, regularly

In the shops, in the school yard, in front of friends – anywhere that tickles their fancy, really.


6. They will become hyperactive when tired

When you’re tired you become sleepy; when your child is tired they turn into the energiser bunny!  



7. They will make shopping a lot harder

'Like a bull in a China shop' comes to mind...


8. They don’t care if they disturb others around them

And will scream at the top of their lungs if they want something.



9. They will rat you out

If they catch you eating your other half’s chocolate bar, they will tell them.


10. They will need to pee - at awkward moments

Usually when you reach the end of a line after queuing for 20 minutes.



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