Who doesn't love a bit of farm fun? The cute animals, the impressive tractors and wheelbarrows, the ability to wear wellies in the muck every day, and, best of all, hay bales!


In a world full of concerns about screen time, farm toys can often encourage kids to use their imaginations and get a little more creative when it comes to 'small world play'.  This is something my son LOVES. It is when kids use miniature items like toys or found objects to act out scenes from real life, stories or books. It is really interesting because research has shown it has huge benefits for our kids when it comes to independent imagination and problem-solving. 



My son got a toy tractor for his third birthday and to say he adores it is an understatement. It brings out his 'inner farmer'. I love that farm toys never go out of style.


These sturdy toys from the Rolly, Bruder and Siku ranges provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages and are just like the real thing! Some are ride-on but others are smaller toys to play with by hand. 



1. JCB Junior


Locked and loaded! Your little one will adore this Rolly JCB Junior Tractor. It has a large front loader that can be released and tipped and, wait for it, a working rear excavator! It costs €189.99 and your child will get years of fun out of this one!


2. Little Grey


This beauty is modelled on the vintage Little Grey Fergie. It is a fantastic 'starter vehicle' for those learning to pedal and is suitable from the age of two upwards. This unique toy will be a big hit in the playground and costs €149.99 and did we mention it even has a 'face'?


3. Old Red



Farm fans of all sizes will love this realistic toy. This tractor comes with a trailer and retails at €49.99. Your little one will feel like the real deal!


4. The Rotator


The Rolly Volvo digger is a must-have for any mini farm-enthusiast. The 360-degree rotator is easy to operate and is perfect for the sandpit or even the living room - depending on your patience! It is a replica of the original machine and retails at €69.99


5. Wheely good


What a lovely little companion for any little gardener. This metal wheelbarrow is as sturdy as it is sweet and is suitable for helpers from the ages of three upwards. Pick it up for just €19.99


6. Fear the Deere



This impressive John Deere tractor from the brand, Bruder is just like the real deal. The front loader is fully functional AND detachable. And while you can't ride on it, little hands can easily manoeuvre it around the house and garden. Win-win at just €36.99


7. Dig in!



If your little one likes hours of construction, then this medium-sized toy is perfect. The CAT mini-excavator features a fully functioning swivel arm invaluable for all that gardening work. This is priced at €32.99


8. Get a Loader this...



Ok, bad pun but GREAT toy - this Siku John Deere Tractor may be small but it is seriously functional. It is a metal diecast model which remains true to the original and costs €29.99


9. Field Chopper



Even the name is seriously cool. This Jaguar 900 from Bruder features four spinning choppers in the front that fold down and rotate as the wheels turn. Amazing fun with this push around medium-sized toy for just €52.99


10. Pretty in Pink


This Ride-on Rolly pink tractor will bring a touch of glamour to any Christmas wishlist. It comes with a bonnet that opens, a front loader and a matching pink trailer. What's not to love? This is suitable from the age of three onwards and is a steal at €99.99



I'm just wondering how Santa is going to get all these down the chimney?


The Rolly, Bruder and Siku ranges of farm toys are available to buy nationwide from all good toy stores. For more information, farm fun and for any queries about farm toys, check out Fun On The Farm at www.facebook.com/FunOnTheFarmIreland

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