As all mums know, cooking the dinner when you’ve got a two-year-old hanging off your hip is not an easy task! But sometimes it’s easier to pick them up and cuddle them than have them stomp around in a bad mood because they’re feeling a little neglected.


However, instead of straining your back trying to get everything done at the same time, why not find other ways to keep your toddler happy and you can get on with the dinner.


Here are ten simple and fun ways to keep your little one happy while you’re busy.


1. Give them some pots and pans

The noise might drive you a little nuts but at least you’ll be able to cut the vegetables with two hands!


2. Alphabet fridge magnets

They might look a little unsightly on your fridge door but they’ll certainly keep your little one entertained for at least 20 minutes.



3. Set up a special play area

Lay a play mat down on the ground and fill it with toys and teddies – your toddler is sure to find something to keep them happy. Build it and they will come!


4.  A little TV time perhaps...

At the end of the day 30 minutes of an age appropriate show isn’t going to do that much harm, is it?!


5.  Stimulate their creative side with arts and crafts

Kids love nothing more than getting their hands dirty! Play Doh, paint and crayons all work wonders when you’re really busy!



6. Send them outside

Only do this if you have a window in the kitchen that looks out onto the garden... Otherwise you’ll be in and out like a yo-yo!


7. Strap them in their chair

If all else fails strap them into their highchair and let them watch you work! You’ll probably only be able to get away with this for another few months though...



8. Give them a job to do

Why not put your little one to work and actually give them something to do that helps you. Kids are always up for mixing or stirring so pass those tasks over.


9. Tupperware fun

You can stack them, count them and fill them with stuff, but the best part is they don’t break or make loud noises.


10. Prep while they sleep

No matter how many toys you may pile them with your little one will probably be more interested in what their mum is doing than their teddy. So why not prep the food when they’re asleep, and just throw it into a pot come dinner time!