Spring is finally here in all its glory and it's time to embrace it for all its worth! Long gone are the dark evenings and cold winter nights (hopefully!), and it is time to get back outside and enjoy the bright days and pretty flowers. 


If you have a toddler at home that could do to with a little bit of entertainment, take note of the following 21 activities: 


1. Lie down on the grass and do some cloud-spotting 


2. Fly a kite - but first you have to make it! 


3. Build a sandcastle on the beach 


4. Start an herb garden on your windowsill 



5. Plant some shrubs and watch them grow 


6. Build a birdhouse and encourage the birds to your garden


7. Make paper aeroplanes and go fly them in your local park 


8. Have a stick race in your local stream


9. Show off your artistic skills in the garden using chalk


10. Blow some bubbles – you can even make your own with a little bit of washing up liquid and water



11. Take a trip to the local farm – there will be loads of baby animals to see


12. Head to the park and have a go on the swings 


13. Make rainbow puddles by adding a drop of food colouring to the puddles on the path


14. Go fishing armed with a net and some sandwiches – just remember to put the fish back in the water


15. Have a picnic in the park


16. Go on a nature trail – if your local park doesn't have one you could always make your own in the back garden



17. Go crazy with paint in the garden – fill up a water gun with diluted paint and get creative


18. Make a wind chime and hang it in the garden


19. Catch some bugs in a jar – just remember to put them back after


20. Play dress up and have a fashion show


21. Create your very own pasta masterpiece with paper, glue and paint